persian gulf saba steel iran sponge iron dri

The sponge iron dri of Persian gulf saba steel iran in the form of hot briquetted iron is offered in the following analysis and dimensions. It can be said that more than 95 percent of the Persian Gulf’s sponge iron or hot sponge briquette is sold in the export sector and about five percent of […]

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hot briquetted iron (hbi)

The price of hot briquetted iron (hbi) is higher due to the secondary process performed on sponge iron. Exports of hot briquetting sponge iron (hbi) account for over 90% of total sales of this product. Buy and sell hot iron sponge briquettes with HS CODE 72031000 in worldwide trade.

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sponge iron price per ton today

The sponge iron price per ton today is determined by the price of Khuzestan steel ingot and its 50% share. Khuzestan steel ingot prices are the benchmark for pricing upstream products such as iron concentrate, iron pellets as well as sponge iron prices.

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iron briquette price – cold briquetted iron cbsi

Iron briquette price is determined by its type and analysis. Sponge iron is currently manufactured and sold in four types of pellet sponge iron, cold sponge iron briquette, hot sponge iron briquette and sponge fine briquette for feed and induction arc furnaces.

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DRI HBI prices

dri sponge iron briquettes price – DRI HBI prices

DRI sponge iron price in Iran are similar to the upstream steel products up to date to be announced. This means that at any moment DRI HBI prices are likely to fluctuate. These fluctuations usually occur under the influence of the world market, either for reasons such as the closure or the so-called “shut down” […]

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