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Sponge Iron Production lineAnalysis of sponge iron and its natureChemical analysis of sponge ironPhysical Properties of Sponge IronSponge iron packingSponge Iron Briquette salesSponge iron briquettes typesHot briquetted iron analysisCold briquetted iron analysisSponge iron export from india and iranExport volume of sponge iron to neighboring countriesExport of sponge iron to UAE and IndiaOther buyers of Iran sponge ironExport of sponge iron to SpainPrices of sponge iron and briquette iron

Iron briquette price is determined by its type and analysis. Sponge iron is currently manufactured and sold in four types of pellet sponge iron, cold sponge iron briquette, hot sponge iron briquette and sponge fine briquette for feed and induction arc furnaces.

Sponge Iron Production line

The launch of the cold sponge iron briquette production line has taken place in various countries, including Iran and India, in the last decade due to the development of steel mills equipped with electric arc furnaces and induction furnaces.

The sponge iron production line with capacity of 2 million tons per line has been set up and operated in more than ten separate production lines in our country of Iran and is currently being produced with the highest capacity. The number of factories that are making steel with arc and induction furnaces has increased in our country due to easier access to gas resources. These factories are consumers of sponge iron produced by direct resuscitation units. However, Iran’s annual production capacity of sponge iron is much higher than the demand for these steel plants. The development of the sponge iron export from India and Iran in all four of the forms mentioned above has fortunately taken place at the same time as the production boom.

Analysis of sponge iron and its nature

Chemical analysis of sponge iron

Sponge iron is a pelletized porous iron of six to twenty-five millimeters, which has been increased by direct reduction, its metal metal content (Fe metal) to more than 75% and its metallization to 91 to 93%. Is. The percentage of carbon in sponge iron is often in the range of 1.5 to 2.1 percent by weight. Analysis of sponge iron sample of Simurgh Azarbaijan Iron and Steel Company product can be seen in the table below.

In addition to the parameters listed above, several other things are important about this product. Including the percentage of impurities in the product, especially the percentage of sulfur and phosphorus that high in melts cause problems.

DRI Sponge iron
Fe Total (%) Min88<total< 92 Max
Fe Metal (%) 82< Metal< 84
MD (%) Min 91< MD< 93  Max
C(%) 1.5 Min
SiO2 (%) 4 Max
Al2O3 (%) 0.5 Max
S (%) 0.008 Max
P (%) 0.05  Max
Sizing 9-18 mm, 90%

6.3-9 mm, 5%


Physical Properties of Sponge Iron

In addition to the chemical properties of the sponge iron mentioned above, the physical properties of this product are also very important. Sponge iron is a porous pellet sized between six and 25 mm. With high volumetric porosity, typically in the range of forty to 70%.

Sponge iron packing

As we know, the presence of porosity in sponge iron, which by volume reaches 40% to 70%, makes this product highly susceptible to oxidation because it has high absorption capacity of moisture and oxygen. Even in cases where the oxidation rate is high, flammability is also possible. These spongy iron properties make it suitable for packaging, especially over long distances.


Jumbo bag packaging is the best type of packaging used for sponge iron. Jumbo bag packages have a weight of 1 tons and 1.5 tons. Jumbo bag packaging makes it easy to transport sponge iron without risk.

Of course, no shipments of sponge iron are required for each shipment. Because sometimes this does not mean justifying packaging. Including domestic sales, which are often short-distance transportation and warehousing of products is time. But we must remember that jumbo bag packaging is required for export, unless the product is in briquette form.

Sponge Iron Briquette sales

Sponge Iron Briquette is a compressed form of Sponge Iron. The most important purpose of briquetting and compressing sponge iron is to reduce porosity and thus its sensitivity to oxidation and loss of quality.

Sponge iron briquettes are produced in three types. We will present these three below. Oxidation and flammability are low in all three types of sponge iron briquettes, so bulk shipping is possible even in long-distance exports and is not required for packaging.

Sponge iron briquettes types

  • Hot Briquetted Iron HBI
  • Cold Briquetted Iron CBI
  • Sponge Iron fines Briquetted

All three types of briquettes are currently produced in Iran. About 95 percent of Iran’s sponge iron hot briquette is exported and less than 5 percent is consumed domestically. Cold iron briquettes and sponge fines briquettes are also exported in addition to domestic consumption in high tonnage and volume.

Hot briquetted iron analysis

Sample photo of hot iron briquette from Simurgh Azarbaijan Iron and Steel Company and its analysis can be seen below. The physical characteristics and dimensions of Hot Briquettes are also stated in this table.

Hot briquetted iron

Total Fe


Metallic Fe





0.95% (+-0.1%)


0.007% (+-0.001%)

Hot briquetted iron
Weight 850 gr
Size 145*55*35


DRI HBI prices


Cold briquetted iron analysis

The analysis of two quality cold briquettes of sponge iron of Simurgh Azarbaijan Iron and Steel Company is discussed below.


Cold briquetted iron – Simurgh Iron Company
Grade 1
Detail Item
88-90 % Fetotal
78-80 % Fematal
90 % Metallization
1.5 % Carbon
0.03% max Phosphorous (P)
0.04 % max Sulphur (S)
8.5 % max (MgO is adjustable due to customer demand) Total gangue (CaO+MgO+Al2O3+…)
3.7-4 Apparent density (tons/m3)
25-45-35 Size (mm)
4 % max Under size at loading port
450-500 Compressive strength (kg/piece)
3.9 Density


Cold briquetted iron – Simurgh Iron Company
Grade 2
Detail Item
% 86 Fetotal
%70-72 Fematal
% 90 Metallization
% 1.5 Carbon
0.03% max Phosphorous (P)
0.04 % max Sulphur (S)
8.5 % max (MgO is adjustable due to customer demand) Total gangue (CaO+MgO+Al2O3+…)
3.7-4 Apparent density (tons/m3)
25-45-35 Size (mm)
4 % max Under size at loading port
450-500 Compressive strength (kg/piece)
3.9 Density


Sponge iron export from india and iran

The most important producers and exporters of sponge iron in the world are Iran and India. Exports of sponge iron from Iran are carried out for various purposes, which we can identify as the most important buyer of sponge iron in Iran.

  • Iraq
  • Kuwait
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Turkey
  • India
  • The Syrian Republic
  • China
  • Sri Lanka
  • Spain
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Pakistan
  • Georgia
  • And …

Exports to these countries in the following year were as follows (based on tonnage and dollar value):

row year Country HS Code Weigth (kg) IRR $
1 2018-2019 Kuwait 72031000 30,025,000 342,930,537,500 Rls. 7,956,625 $
2 2018-2019 Oman 72031000 23,221,792 325,780,875,496 Rls. 3,325,618 $
3 2018-2019 Iraq 72031000 23,500,000 321,423,600,000 Rls. 3,536,675 $
4 2018-2019 Iraq 72031000 30,000,000 189,739,500,000 Rls. 4,500,000 $
5 2018-2019 Iraq 72031000 28,000,000 178,492,000,000 Rls. 4,200,000 $
6 2018-2019 Turkey 72031000 10,867,707 158,564,077,681 Rls. 1,743,645 $
7 2018-2019 Oman 72031000 14,100,000 156,933,000,000 Rls. 3,736,500 $
8 2018-2019 Iraq 72031000 23,999,624 153,213,574,080 Rls. 3,599,943 $
9 2018-2019 Iraq 72031000 22,000,000 138,600,000,000 Rls. 3,300,000 $
10 2018-2019 Iraq 72031000 20,000,000 132,000,000,000 Rls. 3,000,000 $
11 2018-2019 Malaysia 72031000 20,000,000 126,000,000,000 Rls. 3,000,000 $
12 2018-2019 Iraq 72031000 20,000,000 126,000,000,000 Rls. 3,000,000 $
13 2018-2019 Oman 72031000 20,000,000 126,000,000,000 Rls. 3,000,000 $
14 2018-2019 Indonesia 72031000 7,500,000 85,005,375,000 Rls. 1,987,500 $
15 2018-2019 India 72031000 7,816,346 83,459,350,500 Rls. 1,954,082 $
16 2018-2019 Malaysia 72031000 6,827,000 79,765,643,950 Rls. 1,809,155 $
17 2018-2019 Iraq 72031000 10,000,000 63,840,000,000 Rls. 1,500,000 $
18 2018-2019 Oman 72031000 2,500,000 60,369,517,500 Rls. 616,261 $
19 2018-2019 United Arab Emirates 72031000 10,000,000 56,530,500,000 Rls. 1,500,000 $
20 2018-2019 Syrian Arab Republic 72031000 2,974,785 38,579,562,062 Rls. 446,218 $
21 2018-2019 Iraq 72031000 6,000,000 37,800,000,000 Rls. 900,000 $
22 2018-2019 Iraq 72031000 6,000,000 37,800,000,000 Rls. 900,000 $
23 2018-2019 Iraq 72031000 5,000,000 31,500,000,000 Rls. 750,000 $
24 2018-2019 Indonesia 72031000 2,500,000 27,825,000,000 Rls. 662,500 $
25 2018-2019 Turkey 72031000 2,082,658 23,715,993,899 Rls. 272,725 $
26 2018-2019 India 72031000 1,999,715 21,072,622,912 Rls. 499,928 $
27 2018-2019 India 72031000 1,517,946 16,580,112,700 Rls. 379,486 $
28 2018-2019 India 72031000 1,516,277 15,921,360,000 Rls. 379,080 $
29 2018-2019 India 72031000 500,000 11,698,160,000 Rls. 132,500 $
30 2018-2019 India 72031000 999,160 10,491,180,000 Rls. 249,790 $
31 2018-2019 India 72031000 570,425 8,479,341,278 Rls. 92,094 $
32 2018-2019 Turkey 72031000 539,400 7,494,595,200 Rls. 84,888 $
33 2018-2019 China 72031000 507,428 5,467,536,700 Rls. 126,857 $
34 2018-2019 Pakistan 72031000 508,540 5,360,647,275 Rls. 127,135 $
35 2018-2019 India 72031000 389,412 4,088,826,000 Rls. 97,353 $
36 2018-2019 India 72031000 300,000 3,339,000,000 Rls. 79,500 $
37 2018-2019 Georgia 72031000 120,000 1,640,148,000 Rls. 37,200 $
38 2018-2019 Turkey 72031000 94,112 1,637,400,165 Rls. 19,212 $
39 2018-2019 Turkey 72031000 49,456 1,506,281,195 Rls. 16,073 $
40 2018-2019 Iraq 72031000 100,631 1,488,380,600 Rls. 16,100 $
41 2018-2019 China 72031000 102,426 1,075,494,000 Rls. 25,607 $
42 2018-2019 Turkey 72031000 71,610 963,117,332 Rls. 10,742 $
43 2018-2019 Turkey 72031000 23,910 308,157,300 Rls. 3,859 $
Total sum
Total sum


Export volume of sponge iron to neighboring countries

Nearly two hundred thousand tons of sponge iron were exported from Iran to Iraq in the year 2018-2019.

Exports to Iraq took place from three regions:

  • Special Industries and Mines
  • Shahid Rajaee Special Area
  • Bashmaq border

Exports of sponge iron to Kuwait in the Tehran Chamber of Commerce have been reported at 30,000 tons. Shipments to Kuwait have also been declared in the Shahid Rajaee Special Area. Statistics show that sponge iron exports to Turkey are on the rise. Several shipments of sponge iron exported to Turkey at the Tabriz Customs, Sirjan Special Economic Zone and Sahlan Special Economic Zone are said to total more than 14,000 tonnes.

Export of sponge iron to UAE and India

The other UAE buys sponge iron from Iran. The country’s annual purchasing rate is reported to be 5-6 times ten thousand tons. Pakistan and Georgia are also on the list of buyers of Iranian sponge iron, which were respectively about 500 and 120 tonnes of sponge iron this year, respectively. The export cargo of sponge iron sent to India at the Shahid Rajaee Special Area Customs and Special Mines and Metals Area, which has been declared at a tonnage of 15,000 tons.

Other buyers of Iran sponge iron

Twenty-seven thousand tons of sponge iron has been shipped from Malaysia to the Shahid Rajaee Special Area of ​​Iran. The exported sponge iron to Indonesia from the Special Mines and Metals Zone in the volume of 10,000 tons is recorded in the Tehran Chamber of Commerce. The Republic of Syria has been the buyer of about 3,000 tons of Iranian sponge iron in the year 2018-2019. Freight Forwarding and Shipment from the Special Area of ​​Shahid Rajaee. This year, the amount of sponge iron shipped to China is reported at 500 tons. The country has not made any purchases of sponge iron from Iran in the past year, but fortunately customs data show that this year it has been added to the list of Iranian sponge iron buyers. The tonnage of Iran’s export of sponge iron to Sri Lanka has been reported at 21600 tons.

Export of sponge iron to Spain

Statistical analysis shows that EU member states are also customers of Iranian sponge iron. Among its allies, Spain is in the list of buyers. The amount of sponge iron exported to Spain is about 6,600 tons for the year 2019.

Iran’s sponge iron exports are on the rise. The reason for this has been fortunately the increase in production that has been achieved by the development of several direct revitalization units and the creation of new units in the country in recent years.

Simurgh Iron Co. Catalog

Prices of sponge iron and briquette iron

The price of sponge iron and all kinds of briquettes is determined by the market conditions and, of course, the quality of the product. In fact, price parameter declarations do not come with historical credit parameters and, of course, detailed product analysis.

The change in the percentage of metallization Fe and the percentage of total Fe present in the product will have a tangible impact on its price. In addition to these two parameters, other parameters such as carbon content, percentage of impurities, percentage of sponge iron fines in the product are important in determining the price of sponge iron. For example, low-carbon and high-carbon sponge iron, with carbon content in the range of 1.6 to 1.8 and 1.8 to 2.1, respectively, compared to the price have difference of about 30,000 tomans per ton (300,000,000 rials / ton). On the other hand, the amount of breakage and fines in the sponge iron product is also very important. A higher percentage than the standard amount of fines and soil inside the product means that the quality of the product is low, so its price is lower than standard sponge iron and briquette.

Additional information about iron ore briquettes and iron briquettes is provided by Simurgh Azerbaijan iron and steel company in the above article. Further information can be found in the study catalog and contact the sales department in one of the following ways to register a purchase order.

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